You are an Advocate

Becoming an advocate is easy and fun! While the MDA employs a full lobbying team to help protect your practice and patients, legislators really want to hear from their constituents - and that means you! The WDDS has a dedicated Legislative Committee. This volunteer committee, takes time from their practices to meet with local and state representatives for you! They make Dentistry's presence known, and bring your voice to Lansing and Washington DC. Please, please help them and show your appreciation by opening emails which come to you requesting you to "take action" (its super easy) and by attending the WDDS Spring Legislative Breakfast. There are many opportunities to be an advocate - you might choose to attend a local event, donate to the MDA Dental PAC, or send an email to your legislator on a key issue. Click the tab below to learn more on advocacy, see bills that can affect your practice, or to contact MDA's legislative team today!

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