Peer Review & Well Being

Along with the Michigan Dental Association and specialty societies, the Washtenaw District Dental Society realizes that differences can exist between patients, member dentists, or insurance carriers. MDA's member benefit, peer review, is recognized by the state of Michigan’s licensing authorities, the courts, malpractice attorneys and insurance companies as a preferred method of resolving disputes without litigation.

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Peer Review/Ethics

Peer Review/Ethics is a system designed
to uphold the Standards of Ethics and
Code of Professional Conduct of both
the MDA and the ADA. A committee of
dentists will review allegations of ethical
violations on an impartial basis. The
allegations may involve false/misleading
advertising, patient records, and criticism
about another dentist’s treatment.

Peer Review/Dental Care

As part of the volunteer peer review/
dental care system, a committee of local
or specialty dentists will review cases
on an impartial basis. Peer review may
involve appropriateness of treatment,
quality of treatment, questions of
overall provider competency, disputes
between provider and carrier over
services rendered or to be rendered, and
reasonableness of fees.

Peer Review/Care and Well-Being

The award-winning MDA Care and WellBeing
program provides help for dentists,
their families, and staff suffering from
substance abuse, sexual problems, stress,
or other personal or practice problems.
It’s designed to protect the public while
encouraging and supporting recovery.